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Golf Fit, Braids is located at Edinburgh’s busiest and most successful driving range. The glass fronted studio space looks out onto the tranquil Braid Hills. Large mirrors add an extra dimension to the quiet and calming space. Our innovative use of state of the art technologies, such as Force Plate, K-Vest and online program design; create an inner security and confidence in our reliable and responsible services.

The connected Physiotherapy Unit houses a fully qualified, chartered physiotherapist with expertise in manual therapy, massage and rehabilitation exercise for golf. The relaxing colours and positive atmosphere create a sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living. It is the ideal environment to renew and restore your body.

Our trainers and physiotherapists regularly collaborate to design movement rehabilitation programs to get golfers back on the course as soon as possible.


Braid Hills Golf Centre, 91 Liberton Drive, Edinburgh, EH16 6NS

07990 813 603


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