Movement Assessment

Your Golf Fit Trainer will take you through our unique Golf Fit Movement Assessment and design a Personalised Golf Fitness Program to develop your movement skills and your golf game.

This includes:

  • A comprehensive golf fitness assessment developed by Golf Fit and the Titleist Performance Institute. This identifies physical strengths and weaknesses and how they relate to your golf game.
  • A golf fitness report on how your movement assessment relates to your golf game.
  • A golf fitness handicap from the Titleist Performance Institute (myTPI). This is a great guide to gauge future improvements.
  • A bespoke workout program designed by your Golf Fit Trainer. The workout program is individual to you and your golf game. The program will eliminate physical restrictions highlighted in your assessment: it will develop your flexibility; increase your stability, anchor your balance skills and boost the power in your golf swing.

Your Golf Fit Trainer will take you through this program step-by-step and upload exercise demonstration videos onto your personal page on our Golf Fit App. Access this workout at anytime, anywhere through our Golf Fit App. Your workout will have video clips demonstrating the exercises. 

We want to follow your golf fitness journey so, we include a follow up golf fitness assessment in the cost: we want to here about your improvements and the discovery moments when something that seemed impossible became possible. At the follow-up session we progress your program where appropriate so that the achievement of one goal become the starting point of another.

Price: £199

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