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Online Training

Our online training program provides instant access to Golf Fit’s world renowned golf fitness experts.

Online Training

Our online training program provides instant access to Golf Fit trainers with 10+ years of experience of working with golfers.

Whether you are just starting your golf fitness journey or want a more individualised approach we have a membership option thats right for you.

The online training programs allow you to fit your workouts in around your lifestyle, the workouts can be accessed on any mobile device so your workouts are portable, like you.

We offer 3 online training plans: Standard, Plus & Premium




Join us for varied and challenging golf mobility and stability workouts:

  • Access our exclusive golf mobility workouts
  • 3 new insightful workouts per week are added focusing on mobility, stability and functionality for golf
  • Unique golf fitness blog aimed at people starting their golf fitness journey
  • Workouts can be done at home


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A Plus Coaching Experience individualises your golf fitness experience:

Step 1 - Once you have signed up to our online training package, we create login details for you for the Golf Fit website. Login to the members area.

Step 2 - Complete a previous injury history questionnaire and answer a few questions to help us customise your program.

Step 3 - Complete the 20 minute video assessment filling in the self-report as you go.

Step 4 - Download our Fitness App supplied by Trainerize. Answer a few questions about your goals. One of our trainers will build you a full training program within 24hrs. All of our exercises have video demonstrations, we have a library of over 1300 exercises. You can login and view them at anytime on any mobile device. If needed you can print off a copy.

Our app has an in-built messenger to contact your trainer if you have any questions.

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 Plus Plan: £29.99 per month  Sign up now



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